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Find a Licensed BullsEye Coach to Help you Find Clarity, Transcendence and Success.

BullsEye Coach was founded in 2004 by Betsy Jordan, a philanthropist, activist and creator who has helped elevate CEOs, entrepreneurs, politicians, artists, and public figures around the globe. As a best-selling author, Executive Producer, and highly-regarded experiential and transformational coach, Betsy wanted to translate her ground-breaking approach into a proven methodology that could uplevel experienced coaches and deliver rapid results for clients.

Why chose BullsEye over other programs or a solo private coach?

BullsEye Coaching clients uniformly report outcomes such as:
  • Living as their authentic self;
  • Transcending challenges and obstacles;
  • Learning to recognize and express gratitude;
  • Experiencing self-awareness and personal empowerment;
  • Enjoying a sense of limitless possibility;
  • And, most importantly, discovering a level of soulful awakening that allows them to live a life of passion, purpose and freedom.
Catalytic internal breakthroughs, powered by your BullsEye Coach and our unique transformational method, lead naturally to changes you want to see in your everyday life. BullsEye is simply the vehicle for transformation, giving you tools, actionable insight, and support as you recognize and capitalize on the opportunities around you.
If you are ready to creatively craft your life, BullsEye Coach is for you.
Reach out today to learn more and to be paired with an amazing coach who can help you live authentically, love and accept yourself and others, and experience clarity and transcendence that transforms your world.
We look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Feel the Love

BullsEye Coaches work with clients to deliver a 4 Month Turbo Coaching Program designed to address a single focused domain of your life. The BullsEye coaching track includes 1 hr per week of intense coaching combined with 15 minute micro-coaching sessions 4 days per week and progresses through areas of your life iteratively. With your coach as your guide, you will learn and apply the 7 Keys & Tactics (universal principles for living) and engage in discovery, self-assessment, pattern interruption, self-hypnosis, an environmental study, development of a manifesto, and much more.

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