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Have you ever noticed the pervasive sense of overwhelm in everything and everyone? It seems to stem from various sources—technology, news, disagreements, or just the general complexities of life. Even Google isn’t immune; I recently sought directions and, in a moment of befuddlement, found Google suggesting “near State 16th St.” Talk about overwhelming, right?

Let’s draw a parallel with a gallon of ice cream. Surprisingly, it’s a fitting metaphor. In the beginning, whether it’s a new relationship, business venture, or playing with a new Christmas toy, we are joyful, engaged, and thrilled—much like savoring your favorite ice cream. However, just as gorging on a gallon of ice cream can lead to a sense of excess, diving headfirst into an experience can leave us feeling overwhelmed.

Consider the scenario: you’ve devoured the first few days of a new job or relationship, throwing everything into it. Then, the initial excitement wanes, and you panic, thinking something must be wrong with you. It’s akin to panicking at the offer of another scoop of your favorite ice cream when you’re already full. The disappointment sets in, and you may feel paralyzed.

What if, instead, you approached new experiences like enjoying a scoop of ice cream—one at a time? Embrace the initial excitement, but when it naturally subsides, give yourself a break. Understand that it’s normal for the intensity to diminish. Then, relish the next scoop, savoring the business opportunity or relationship gradually. The key is to enjoy one scoop at a time, occasionally allowing yourself to get excited again. This way, your enthusiasm can last longer, and you won’t feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it all. Life is best enjoyed one scoop at a time.

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