BullsEye Coach

Transformational Coaching

BullsEye Coach is a licensed coaching methodology that brings together senior coaches with clients ready to transform their lives and careers. 

BullsEye Coach

A Proven Methodology for Senior Coaches

A Transformational Program for Clients

BullsEye Coach is a premier licensed methodology that brings together senior coaches with clients ready for transformation. The program is proven to empower love, acceptance, authenticity, clarity and transcendence that drives soulful awakening

BullsEye Coach: Lives lived with passion, purpose & freedom.

Coaches and Clients


If you are an experienced coach who is ready to elevate your practice, earn more, connect with amazing clients, and improve your coaching results

BullsEye Coach is for you!


If you are ready to transcend old patterns, learn new tools, and creatively craft your life, reach out today to be paired with an amazing coach who can help transform your world.

Start the Change Today.

Feel the Love

Betsy Jordan is a philanthropist, activist and creator who has helped elevate CEOs, entrepreneurs, politicians, artists, and public figures around the globe.

A best-selling author, Executive Producer, and highly-regarded experiential and transformational coach since 2001, she is also the founder of BullsEye Coach.
Betsy’s work has influenced top political and business consultants, tech founders, healthcare executives, financiers, health coaches, filmmakers, and even yogis and real estate developers internationally.
Through books, speeches, writings, causes and programs like BullsEye, Betsy encourages people to love and accept themselves and others, live authentically, and experience soulful awakening that transforms their lives.

Catalytic internal breakthroughs lead naturally to changes in our everyday lives...

  ...and BullsEye Coach is the vehicle for transformation that gives you the insight and tools to take action and capitalize on opportunities. 

BullsEye Coach is a proven coaching methodology that includes a 4 Month Turbo Coaching Program designed to address a single focused domain of each client’s life. The BullsEye coaching track includes 1 hr per week of intense coaching combined with 15 minute micro-coaching sessions 4 days per week, and progresses through domains iteratively.
Over the course of each 4 month cycle, you will learn and apply the 7 Keys & Tactics (universal principles for living) and engage in discovery, self-assessment, pattern interruption, self-hypnosis, an environmental study, development of a manifesto, and much more.
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