Where are our memories stored


So now the gut has a brain? Is the heart a seat of profound memory? Is the brain connected beyond this earthly plane? All of this information, these scientific truths, challenge traditional organized religions. I hold that the two are not mutually exclusive.

Athletes know the term “body memory.” If they were talking about just the brain, they would say just “memory,” correct? Notice how we tell on ourselves.

People who have received organ donations find themselves with new hobbies that used to belong to the host of that organ before they received it. I believe this is an argument for cellular or DNA memory. In fact, some of us have noticed that there are traumatic events that happened generations ago, and we still carry some existential fear of them. Could that be iDNA talking to us?

If our bodies have memory within the cells of our organs, does it stand to reason that some of us carry more ancestral trauma in ourselves than others?

One of the techniques used in the bull’s-eye coach system is intended to tap into the subconscious. But does it tap into the superconscious as well? And when we choose images during visualization or meditation, are those shadows of past or future life experiences?


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