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The first coach I saw on television was Dr. Phil. I was struck by the idea that anyone who was being coached on that program was being seen by millions of people. While I think Dr. Phil has done some remarkable things and some very good work, I do think there has been a skewed concept of what being a coach means. However, there is a certain fascination with watching a discussion of people’s grievances on television. It might just, for a moment, take your mind off of yours. But what I see on television and what I experience as a coach are very different, vastly different processes. In a certain example here…

There was some hope, and I say that loosely, when I saw the billions TV show. In the show, there’s a powerful coach, she is a woman, and in the beginning, as I said, I am hopeful. While there are some great coaching moments where she does ask powerful questions, mostly my experience of her is using therapy as a manipulation. Insert example here…

There are positive examples: number one, number two…

In general, if you’re on television being seen by the whole world, you likely have some ego wrapped around being seen. My experience with that is that that need gets in the way of having a transformative experience.

I was approached at one point by the president of a pension fund management company, asking me to coach his people. It came to light that no one in his firm was telling the truth about anything. All that sounds like an exaggeration but it literally is not. Each of the people in that firm was having affairs and not in open marriages. One person even had a home elsewhere that their spouse knew nothing about. I tell you this without mentioning names, places, titles, or any of that, to illustrate a point that how we do anything is how we do everything, and that it is very easy to overlook people’s personal lives and try to just deal with the business of the business. But until you’re ready to look at your life holistically, you are not ready to be coached in a transformative manner.

If you’re ready to take a holistic approach to your life and your business, give me a call or drop me an email. You will be amazed at the value you receive and the value you create in one phone call with me.

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