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Have you ever had a conversation with a friend where you are sharing good news and they remind you to be cautious?  Does a parent ever “remind” you of the time you did thus and so … as a warning, of course, not to get too excited!  Have your well-meaning relatives “reminded” you that you have a past with them, and that they don’t agree with your new ideas?

There are two points that I want to make about that:

Argue for your limitations and you will surely keep them.  In other words, turn off the voices.

Request that you be allowed to grow and change in your relationships ie. request that others release your “history”.  Look forward.

When you argue for your limitations, or for the limitations of others, you create and focus on doubt.  When you focus on doubt; doubt grows.  When you focus on success;  success grows.  Try it.

Once you risk letting your relatives see you differently.  (As they WILL when you let them know that their “reminders” bother you.)  Your request of them to not “hold you in your history” then requires YOU to do the same for them.  It may amuse you that the issue then becomes about you allowing THEM to change enough to honor your request!

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