Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you. –Hanz

I love the image that I get of happiness running through the streets trying to find me while I’m running around trying to find it! Ha! Seriously, I’ve made my choices and decisions in life around being happy. And I’ve had enormous freedom to choose that. My parents are basically happy people. They really are. My siblings are also. So, happiness and life walked hand in hand in my up-bringing.

So when I’m sad, it’s clear to me that this is a temporary state. I’m meant to be happy. So are you. When I’m off chasing rainbows and frustrated at never catching them, it’s best to stand still and appreciate the rainbow that I see, even though it’s far away. This is happiness catching me.

When I see a newborn baby, or, truth be told, any child who is happy for no reason; that is happiness catching me.

A friend who has just won an award who cannot wait to tell me; that’s happiness catching me.

Phone calls out of the blue from someone just wanting to catch up; that’s happiness catching me.

The words, “I can help.” mean so much. And “I love you”. Well, that’s happiness catching me, too.

What are all of the ways that happiness catches you? I challenge you to stand still and allow it. Please share that with me. It’s fun

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