Win win negotiations: Flexibility


Flexibility is the key to immortality. 

There are loads of “age-defying” ads intended to market products to consumers from 20- to deathbed. It seems you must take this supplement or that one to stay youthful and your life depends on it. Now, truth … I take many supplements and believe in them. And who’s to say if just being a believer makes my skin have a healthy glow! Praise for placebo!

This is the thing. When you find yourself becoming rigid in your thinking, it will soon become reflected in your movement, in your body. And you will age, even if you are a child chronologically. Black and white thinking, thinking in extremes, polarized perspectives, the inability to discuss opposing viewpoints are a sign of advancing age at any age. 

Win/win negotiation is all about flexibility. In fact, the more flexible you can be moment to moment, the more nimble your mind, the more energy you have and the more progress you can make. So how about that … win/win negotiation keeps you young!

Now, let’s see if I can reach my toes! #winwin

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