Chip Venters

“I hired Betsy for executive coaching, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while. She revitalized key aspects of my career with her thoughtful and disciplined methodology. She is so intelligent and empathetic, yet she’ll tell you when you’re full of sh*t when you need to hear it. I highly […]

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Joe Christian

“Betsy is bright and highly intuitive. Her assistance with me at a critical point in my life’s journey was instrumental in helping me in many areas, both professional and personal. Anyone hiring her will be rewarded many times over.”

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Anna Watson Blair

“Betsy Jordan has a keen insight into helping people achieve their life goals. She has an uncanny knack for breaking down barriers that may be creating obstacles for people that they cannot see for themselves. Spending time with Betsy is like drinking from a cold fountain on an incredibly hot day – you always want

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Daniel Jones

“Being Betsy’s client changed my outlook on life. There are self-help books, motivational movies, thoughtful quotes that give you a ‘hmmm’ moment, but there’s nothing like the direct dynamic impact of her approach.”

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